I’ve decided to create my own Wordpress theme, RGResponsive.

You can find the sources for this theme on GitHub, and see it in action on my blog.

You can follow the development and post comments on this page.

PFP - A tiny PHP application framework

In my free time, I often work on small personal PHP projects. This allows me to keep in touch with the new technologies, frameworks,… For instance, I’ve recently started using Bootstrap to create well presented web-applications.

My issue was that, each time I started a new project, I had to re-create the skeleton for the application. This basically meant copying an old project, remove everything specific, clean all the configuration values,… before I could start working. That’s why I decided to create an independant project, which I could use as a skeleton for almost all my PHP applications.

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Amazon Music and Ubuntu

A few days ago, I’ve bought an album on Amazon Music (Ramones - Essential), because I had some promotional credit from some previous purchases. The album is available in mp3 format, which is completely fine with me, the quality is usually good enough for me.

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Custom PHP Scripts - LinkedIn Resume


Some time ago, I’ve decided to centralize my resume information in one place, to avoid having to update it on several places every time I changed anything in it.
I’ve decided to use the LinkedIn interface to update it, as it allows resumes in different languages (my profile in French and in English).

To retrieve my resume information from my LinkedIn profile, I’ve created a PHP script to scrape the webpage and compile the result in an XML file.

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New Blog With Octopress

Welcome on my new blog everybody!
I’ve started it to present my current developments, which I release on GitHub as open-source projects.
You can find my GitHub profile here.

This is an Octopress blog, deployed as a GitHub page.

More news to come soon!