Using multiple SSH keys concurrently

Updated - Added a third solution, on a repository basis.

When using multiple GitLab accounts (e.g. private account and work account) on the same computer, you can’t use the same SSH key for both. This can become problematic when Git has to decide which key to use to communicate with the distant repository.

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Deploying Jekyll with GitLabCI

My blog is based on Jekyll, a static website generator. This means that the pages need to be generated before they’re deployed. Until recently, I used to build the content locally using a Jekyll Docker image, commit and push the generated content to my GitHub repo, SSH to my web server, and pull the changes from the repo.

The process was quite annoying, which is why I decided to set up a CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Delivery) pipeline, using GitLabCI.

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NGINX Reverse Proxy

My home server setup is composed of several Raspberry Pi, where I host different web applications (this blog, an RSS reader, some home IOT apps…). I’ve decided to setup a front gateway, that proxies the request to the right server:


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ESP8266 Temperature Display

In this article, I’ll explain how to make a temperature sensor and display, using an ESP8266 board, a DS18B20 temperature sensor and an I2C LCD display.

The WiFi capabilities of the ESP8266 are not required in this project, but I intent to send the temperature values to an MQTT instance in a future version.


  • ESP8266 development board
  • DS18B20 temperature sensors
  • I2C LCD 16x2 display
  • 4.7K resistor
  • breadboard
  • jumper wires
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