Display GitHub repositories on Jekyll


2017/09/14: Updated for using with vanilla Jekyll. Previous version here

This website is mostly meant to present my personnal work and projects, which are stored on GitHub. That’s why I wanted to display the last GitHub repositories I’ve worked on.

To do that, I’ve decided to use jQuery to make an AJAX call to the GitHub API, and display the result on my home page.

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Auto-upload Jekyll after pushing to GitHub

My Jekyll site is hosted on a shared web hosting service, provided by OVH. It’s the most basic service, which consists of a PHP server, a MySql database, and that’s about it. The only way to change the files on the server is to access it via FTP, as there is no SSH connection available.

So, with the concept of Jekyll, which is to generate static HTML files and use them for the final web site, the only option I had was to manually upload the _site folder each time I made some changes in the source code. And this after pushing my changes to GitHub (the sources and generated files are stored in a public GitHub repository).

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