Me and my iPod

Since a few years, I’m definitely against any Apple product, because of their software restrictions, and the general politic of the company.

But I’ve had my iPod (a fifth generation, 30Gb) for more than 5 years now, and it still works perfectly. I don’t know how many times it fell on the floor (which made some damage to the screen, it seems that some crystals are “broken”, I don’t know exactly how…), but the hard drive (yes, 30Gb 5 years ago, you had to use a hard drive) is still intact and working.

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Python scripting

I started recently to look into Python development. I wanted to learn something new, and it was the logical choice.

So I started by working on a simple script, which would scrape the content of my LinkedIn profile to create an XML file with all the information I want. I could then display the content of this file on my home page. The purpose of this is to standardize my resumes between different applications / websites.

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