Good customer relation – Snipt

Some time ago, I signed up on Snipt, a website that allows you to store snippets. It was a free account, that I probably used once, to test the service (only because this was not something I needed).

But yesterday I received an email from them, announcing that they will move away from free accounts. This is a fair enough decision, I can understand the need for a stable income.

Lots of services start with free accounts, and then cancel them (see my recent post on DynDNS). But the email I received from Snipt was written to keep good relations with all users, the ones that will upgrade to a paying account, and the ones that don’t have the need or the will to do it:

I’m an existing user. What happens to my data?

Nothing. As an existing user, your snipts will remain intact and usable even if you decide not to upgrade. You can edit your existing snipts, delete, embed, etc. If you would like to create new Snipts, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid plan.

That’s a very good decision. You don’t lose anything that you’ve stored with them, you don’t need to save everything before it’s deleted… Other companies should have a look and learn something…

But what made my day was this part:

Can you suggest an alternative to Snipt?

Gist is an excellent alternative to Snipt.

For me, this is the sign that this company wants what’s best for its users. It’s not only about the money, it’s about allowing users to get the best service for what they’re ready to pay. “We could say that no free service is any good, but we won’t. We’re moving to paying accounts, but if you don’t want to, you can use this other good service.”

Thank you Snipt!