Update Jekyll to version 1.0.2

Today, I’ve updated my version of Jekyll from 0.12.1 to 1.0.2. I’ll detail the procedure I followed to do it. Most of the commands have to be ran as root.

Clean the project

You will need to start by deleting the Gemfile.lock file, so it can be re-generated with the correct version numbers.

Update the Jekyll gem

$ gem update jekyll

Update the Kramdown gem

If you’re using Kramdown as your markdown parser, you’ll need to update it:

$ gem update kramdown

Disable jekyll-press

If you’re using jekyll-press to compress the generated output files, this plugin doesn’t seem to be compatible with Uglifier 2.0.1 (one of the gems used by it). When I tried to run a local instance of Jekyll, I got this error:

error: Invalid option: inline_script

So you’re going to have to disable it for now (I haven’t found a solution yet). Edit your Gemfile and remove (or comment) the line:

gem 'jekyll-press'

Retrieve all the gem dependencies

$ bundle

Remove the automatic re-generation parameter

In your _config.yml file, remove (or comment) the line:

auto="true" # or "false"

Run Jekyll

Now you should be able to run Jekyll. To launch a local instance, use:

$ jekyll serve

instead of:

$ jekyll --server

To run it with auto-regeneration, run:

$ jekyll serve --watch