FCC Open Meeting - Broadband Plan

Will Net Neutrality die in the US?

Yesterday, on BoingBoing: FCC planning new Internet rules that will gut Net Neutrality. Get ready to pay more for the stuff you love online..

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) will propose, today, that ISPs should be able to offer “special access to consumers” for specific services. This means that consumers will have to pay extras to be able to receive a good quality of service. This would currently only concern US consumers, but since the whole world seems to follow the US decisions, and the Net Neutrality is already in danger in Europe, even after the recent vote in the European Parliament (the French government doesn’t seem to want to follow the result of this vote: Neutralité du net : la France plaide pour les services spécialisés).

As a non-US citizen, there is nothing I can do about it, but I sure hope that this won’t happen.

Photo: FCC Open Meeting – Broadband Plan, by Greg Elin via Flickr (CC BY-SA)

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